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The World

Welcome to the hidden world of Elvira Slate Investigations. From London to Los Angeles, Elvira Slate’s been there and done that, from rotting in a cold cell in the slammer, to dancing with the stars. Each location holds a special in her heart.

The Beverly Hills residence of screenwriter Martell Grainger. Not one dime of alimony paid for this luxury paradise, it was all profits from writing racy pre-Code movies (and the occasional mushy romance).

An exclusive hangout for Hollywood’s rich and famous, where the pink flamingos match the signature cocktails. Door policy? Strictly privileged.

Hollywood Studio run by two Austrian-Jewish émigré patriarchs the Heymann Brothers with a mixed bag of fading and rising stars.

No country of origin for Elvira, she was born in the middle of the Atlantic on a steamer! Outsider from the get-go.

Where Elvira spent most of the war banged up with Lena and many other female spies, in the notorious Block F.

Hidden away above the Palisades, the European style retreat of retired movie star Tatiana Spark. People will kill to inherit this pile.

When Hollywood’s elite need a little extra help to solve their matrimonial dilemmas or messy affairs, they come to Beatty Falaise Investigations. Elvira comes here for mentorship and mother/daughter feels.

Dede’s offices for her passion project, an ‘ahead of its times’ journal for forward-looking women.

Joyce’s joint jumps thanks to its killer cocktails and the resident female swing bands such as the Charmettes and Wanda and the Charms. Wild tempos and wilder times are to be had here by the LGBTQ community in LA.

If you’re going to jump parole, do it in style, or in other girl’s frocks to aid your disguise. Elvira goes on the lam at Waterloo Station, never to look back.

Before being razed to rubble in the Blitz, Elephant and Castle was known as Piccadilly of the South, full of shops, cinemas, nightclubs. Former residents include Charlie Chaplin as well as Jemima Day and her ex-fiancee, nightclub boss Billy Martino.

Sicilian émigré Betty is number one seamstress for the South London gangsters’ molls. Elvira, in her former London life as Ida Boyd, was a top client.

Owned by Dede and Alberta, in an illegal pact, an upmarket hotel for career girls trying to get ahead in Los Angeles.

The iconic upscale department store where Elvira frequently goes to gaze at top designer glamorous gowns that she will never need as a gumshoe (or afford)

Offices of Vice Squad, where Elvira’s handler Detective Randall Lauder works.

A 1930s rust bucket lent to Elvira by mentor Beatty Falaise. Mabel’s purr is more of a wheeze but Elvira still feels like she’s having a hug every time she gets behind the walnut polished wheel.

Run by best pal June, Elvira likes to sit and relax here with a nice cup of tea, and gaze at the Jacaranda tree outside. The only place she feels content.

Usually hovering outside the Miracle Mile, taxi driver Sal has seen it all happening in the back seat. Tears, fears, canoodling and bust-ups.

A Sugar Hill home that goes down the female line. Powerhouse band leader of Wanda and the Charms/Honey Duchesses, inherited it from her famous blues singer mother.

Owned by the mystery Mrs S, the Astral offers a no questions asked policy to clients’ who want to lie low in this diverse, down at heel but big in heart community in East LA.

Fugitive from justice Elvira gets the shivers just looking at the joint which also houses the jail. Going inside? You’re talking heart attack.