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Meet the Characters

Meet the main characters from Elvira Slate Investigations

Elvira Slate

Credentials: Orphan, juvie offender, gangster’s moll, jailbird and Hollywood private eye
Smarts: Impersonation; risk-taking; leaving it all behind
Achilles Heel: Her inner underdog
Wish: Avoiding capture
Favorite Cocktail: Seven Palms

Beatty Falaise

Credentials:  P.I. to Hollywood high society, and Chairwoman of the Association of Women Private Investigators of South California
Smarts: Staying top of the game; saying how it is; deal-making whizz
Achilles Heel:  Soft spot for both Elvira; bigger soft spot for her Dachshunds
Wish: Sailing around the world
Favorite cocktail: Lowdown Highball

Barney Einhorn

Credentials:  Wounded veteran, personal columns clerk, secretary at Elvira Slate Investigations
Smarts:  Soothing clients; living on the sunny side of the street; being indispensable
Achilles Heel:  Deep anger he wasn’t there for his boyfriend when he died
Wish:  Solo tap dance for a Hollywood musical
Favorite cocktail: Dapper Daiquiri

Alberta Johnson

Credentials: Talented saxophonist, secret co-owner of The Miracle Mile Hotel
Smarts: Genius musician; maintaining a double life: seeing through people
Achilles Heel: Being in love with Dede
Wish:  Feeling free
Favorite cocktail: Cherry Red Car

Randall Lauder

Credentials: Tough guy, LAPD vice cop
Smarts:  Snazzy dressing; keeping secrets; crime-busting; getting his hands dirty with the means to justify the ends
Achilles Heel: Workaholic and a secret time-bomb
Wish: LA County Sherrif.
Favorite cocktail: Gun Sling

Dede Dedeaux

Credentials:  Former closeted Southern belle, Co-owner of the Miracle Mile Hotel, Boss and Editor in Chief of The Modern Woman Journal
Smarts: Can do attitude; staying upbeat; ruthlessness
Achilles Heel:  Forgetting she’s privileged
Wish: Live openly with Alberta
Favorite cocktail: Velvet Flip

June Conway

Credentials: Wardrobe Dept seamstress, now proud owner of June’s Dress Shop.
Smarts:  Doing the right thing; having a heart of gold; giving glamor to women
Achilles Heel:  Loving too much
Wish: Costumier to the stars
Favorite Cocktail: Strawberry Sunshine

Martell Grainger

Credentials: Divorcee, script girl, fashion icon, friend to the stars and Beverly Hills resident.
Smarts: Having everything on her terms, always; getting rich; sentimental savvy.
Achilles Heel: Having to win
Wish: Glory for her tour de force screenplay.
Favorite cocktail:  Bombshell Fizz


Credentials: Former downtrodden husband, self-assured woman and nightclub boss.
Smarts: Going the extra mile for the LGBTQ, living on her terms, running a tight ship, keeping law enforcement’s grubby hands off her joint
Achilles Heel: Ex-wife Reba T.
Wish: None, she’s right where she should be
Favorite Cocktail:  Joyce’s Bliss

Concepcion Salinas AKA ‘Sal’

Credentials: Taxi driver, single mother to six kids under sixteen
Smarts: Grafter; getaway driver; putting food on the table
Achilles Heel: Emotionally stuck as husband is MIA
Wish: Lying in a hammock in her fantasy beach home in Mexico
Favorite cocktail: Pacifico Azul

Earnestine Chappelle

Credentials: Former munitions engineer, accomplished fixer-sleuth
Smarts: Getting results; smooth operator; sense of humor
Achilles Heel: Multi-layered Guilt
Wish: Vengeance on the racists who killed her brother
Favorite cocktail: Gumshoe Sour

Floriana Luciano

Credentials: Beauty boss of the Oliverelle Beauty Parlours
Smarts: Empire building, understanding women’s needs, spreading warmth, killing mobsters
Achilles Heel: Psychotic daughter Simonetta
Wish: Reigning the beauty world
Favorite cocktail: Diamonte Royale

Wanda Carter

Credentials: Powerhouse band leader of The Honey Duchesses and singer.
Smarts: Song-writing; performing; being a good mom; getting results
Achilles Heel: To be better known than her famous mother
Wish: Star in a musical she’s penned
Favorite cocktail: Betty Noir


Credentials: Australian-German allied secret agent
Smarts: Infiltrating; linguistic genius; sharp-shooting; Nazi-hunting; cold-blooded killing
Achilles Heel: Feelings for Elvira Slate
Wish: Breeding horses in Tasmania and forgetting Elvira Slate
Favorite cocktail:  Incognito