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A wailing sax, a foot-stomping swing tune, a sweet serenade? The 1940s just wouldn’t be the same without the music!

During the war, the all-girl swing bands entertained America. Elvira Slate Investigations honors these hard-working, talented and brave women musicians through the fictional all-girl swing bands that feature in the novels. These are The Charmettes, Wanda and the Charms, and The Honey Duchesses. The wonderful Wanda Carter is band leader and singer.

Jailbird Detective Trailer

From orphan, street kid, foster child, gangster’s moll, jailbird, fugitive, to Hollywood private investigator! Elvira Slate has been through the mill of life…see for yourself!

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Coming in 2022!

Our new EP, including all the soundtracks on our book trailers will be released!
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