Jailbird Detective

1945. On VE Day, a former gangster’s moll escapes the law, trading Holloway
Prison for life as a Hollywood PI. Can she get away with it?

Jailbird Detective is Book One in new crime fiction series Elvira Slate
Investigations, set in the demi-monde of post war 1940s London and Los

Elvira Slate – a female protagonist for today’s vintage-loving feminists. Cynical
yet vulnerable, Elvira inhabits a subversive noir world seen through her
distinctly feminist gaze.

Each book presents Elvira with a case to solve, relying on a sleuthing toolbox
that includes intuition, underhand tactics and good old detecting. The reality of
working women’s lives at all levels is a hallmark of the series as well as
fabulous ‘40s fashion.

Publication Date: October 2018
Genre: feminist vintage crime noir
Format: book, ebook. TV series in development.


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