Shedunnit originates stories that entertain and matter, for ambitious, diverse and underserved audiences.

Shedunnit champions the female gaze, with rebellious characters and thrilling worlds, innovatively spanning digital media.

Our genres include vintage feminist crime thrillers, gripping biopics of unsung heroines, hard-hitting dramas and enervated comedies.

Helen Jacey

Helen Jacey


Helen Jacey leads on developing Shedunnit’s original projects and is the creator of Elvira Slate Investigations. Helen brings to Shedunnit her expertise on female character representation and global experience as a screenwriter, development consultant, industry trainer and keynote speaker. She has worked with numerous international companies, film institutions and brands across the US, Australia and Europe. Her screenwriting guide The Woman in the Story: Writing Memorable Female Characters remains the go-to resource for screenwriters and filmmakers.

Franky Kentish

Franky Kentish


Franky Kentish leads on social media and book publicity for Shedunnit. She is a social media consultant and content strategist who has worked with leading publications and brands across the UK. When not thinking about all things content, Franky works on her postgraduate dissertation, examining forgotten female figures in America’s 1950s avant-garde scenes.

Sheila Hyde

Sheila Hyde


Sheila Hyde provides editorial and story development support to Shedunnit. Sheila is a freelance writer, editor and ex-stand-up comic and actor. Also a voiceover artist and lover of fantasy genre. She has a law degree from Cambridge University.


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